The Ultimate Games For A Games Room

The ultimate games room needs serious thought. Whether you’re creating your own man cave-style establishment, a true bachelor pad, or somewhere all the family can congregate for fun times, you need to think about the games to put in it. Are you going to be retro and vintage, or are you going to be completely modern? Perhaps you want to mix it up and go down both avenues.


If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out these ideas.

Beer Pong – Beer pong is a very popular game with various ways to play it, however the emergence of the World Series has resulted in some standard rules. There are three main ways to shoot in beer pong –  the first is the arc, where to ball is thrown high and lands in the cup The second is the fastball, where the ball is thrown directly into the cup. The final way is the bounce shot, where the ball is bounced before it lands in the cup.

Pool table – Pool is fun predominately because so many people know how to play it, but to play well does require skill. The most popular game to play is 8-ball. Bring together a few friends and try your luck at winning. Pool tables can also be a centerpiece in the middle of a room, a great way to fill some space, in the most fun of ways.

Air hockey table – High octane fun, indeed! Try your hand at this fun and seriously retro game and place it next to your pool table, so guests can move from one to the other.

Soccer table – If you have a few wannabe soccer players in your midst, let them loose on your own soccer table and see who is the champion!

Ping pong table – Now, this one needs to be used with caution, so probably place it in the corner of a room, to eliminate a stray ping pong ball hitting an unsuspecting, passing guest! Go for the lightest balls you can find too, to add safety. You can also find best ping pong tables for the outdoors here.

Pac Man/Space Invaders – If you find a retro video game machine, then this is a must for your games room!

Casino-style slots machine – You can find these in vintage shops and online, and is sure to be a major pull for visitors to your games room; you might find a growing queue for this one!

Darts board – Easy to pin on the wall, no space required! Everyone loves a game of darts from time to time.

Karaoke – A great way to bring friends together is a karaoke machine. You can find the best karaoke machines here. There are karaoke machines with special effects or ones that allow you to share your raw vocal skills.

Card game table – This one is simple, and all you need is a table, chairs, and a deck of cards in the middle.

Modern-day games console and flat screen TV – To give your games room a hint of the modern, a PlayStation, X-Box, or Nintendo Wii is a must for your games room. Stock up on games and you’ll never be left without something to play.

A top class games room needs variety and it needs comfort. It’s not all about the games you put into your room, so be sure to think about where people are going to sit too. Many games rooms have independent bars installed – that’s certainly something to think about! Go for bar stools, beanbags, cushions on the floor, and remember to decorate the walls with a retro/modern feel, depending on the theme of your particular games room.

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