Whether you know it as table soccer or foosball, one thing is clear – people LOVE this game. A foosball table is the perfect addition to any games room.

You can play with two to four players at a time, and while it may seem easy, it can quickly get challenging and intense.

There are plenty of great quality foosball tables out there from some of the best foosball table brands that are quite affordable for the money. But what are they?

In this guide, we will walk you through how to choose the best foosball table for your home/office/games room. We will then cover the the top 10 foosball tables in our foosball table reviews below.

Whether you’re looking for a top rated foosball table for kids or adults, this is the only guide you’ll need!

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Compare 2018 Top Foosball Tables

Name Image Type Size (inches) Rating Price
KICK Foosball Table  Standard 55 4.5 Check
American Heritage Element  Standard 58 4.0 Check
EastPoint Sports Hunter  Standard 57 3.5 Check
Carrom Signature Foosball  Standard 55 5.0 Check
Beachcomber 56-Inch  Standard 56 4.5 Check
EastPoint Sports Preston  Standard 54 3.5 Check
Harvil 38-Inch  Tabletop 38 4.0 Check
Giantex 47"  Standard 47 4.0 Check
American Legend Charger  Standard 52 4.0 Check

What is a Foosball Table?

A foosball table is a rectangular shaped table which resembles an actual soccer field. Like soccer the foosball table is divided into two teams, each team having miniature plastic figures of soccer players attached to four rods (for a total of eight rods across the entire table).

A player stands at either end of the table, controlling the four rods. The best foosball table are large enough so there can be two players per team, each controlling two rods.

On the table there is a goal, a line of defenders and two offensive lines. Whilst you cannot alter the defenders and offensive lines (as they are securely fastened to a rod across the table) you can move their positions across the width of the table, by moving the rod.

The aim of the game is to work your figures to flick the ball and shoot a goal before your opponent does.

Continue reading below for our foosball table reviews and see our recommendation for the best foosball table brand.

Types of Foosball Tables


A standard (or stand-alone) foosball table is an all in one piece of equipment, where the tabletop component is attached to a set of sturdy legs.

These tables are usually far more expensive than the alternative table top version as they are often made from solid wood and can be rather heavy.

You can even get a foosball table with glass top to keep the game in mint condition.

Table Top

A cheaper alternative to the standard foosball table is the table top version. The best table top football table is completely transportable so you can play in various locations as they are designed to sit on top of a sturdy table. It is even possible to place them on a low table which is perfect for younger children.

Table top football tables are smaller and lighter so they are easy to move around and easier to store. They are also far more affordable than their stand alone counterpart.

If you are looking at purchasing a table top version, ensure that the base of the table has non scratch, non slip pads that will protect your furniture surface.


If you have a family with varying interests, the best home foosball table to purchase is a combination table or multi-game table. These tables have various playing surfaces that slip onto the top of the table converting it into a range of different games such as table tennis, air hockey, shuffleboard, bowling, checkers, chess, backgammon and draughts.

These types of tables are available in both standard and table top versions as well as both indoor and outdoor tables. The best outdoor foosball table is one that is completely waterproof in order to withstand all weather conditions.

How to find a Top Foosball Table

How big is the table?

There are a variety of table sizes available and as to which one you should purchase really depends on whether the players are beginners or at a more advanced level.

Regardless of the size of table you purchase, you need to allow additional space around the table for the rods that protrude from either side of the table as well as room for the actual players.

A standard full-sized top foosball table is 30 inches in width by 56 inches in length. It is recommended that you allow a total playing space of 7 feet by 8 feet for a full sized foosball table.

A full size table is the best rated foosball table for those at an advanced level, play competitively or purely wish to improve their skill level.

For children, beginners or those just wanting a table for the odd bit of entertainment than a smaller sized table will suffice. The best mini foosball table will be smaller, lighter and easy to transport from room to room.

What is the table made of?

The material the table is constructed from, impacts the cost of the foosball table as well as how long it lasts.

The top rated foosball tables are made from solid wood and whilst these type of tables are built to last, they are not always practicable given their hefty price tag and usually requiring a permanent set up spot in your home.

Less expensive foosball tables are made from particle board, which weakens over time. The surface may even warp causing an uneven playing surface.

For a table somewhere in between solid wood and particle board, consider composite. Composite is a very durable material and won’t warp over time.

Does the table allow for goalie configuration?

Foosball tables come with either a single man goalie or three man goalie system. As to which system is better usually comes down to personal preference. A single man goalie certainly requires more skill, whereas a three man goalie set up is recommended for children and beginners.

If you have both beginners and advanced players, the best foosball table for the money is one which  can convert to either the single or three man goalie system.


Most tables are designed to be played indoors, though there are some tables that can be played outdoors and withstand the weather.

If you are purchasing a table to play outdoors, ensure it is made from waterproof materials and not likely to rust.

These additional features are not necessary if the game will only be played indoors.

Top 10 Foosball Table Reviews

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Review

KICK is one of the top foosball table brands and their Triumph Foosball Table is a testament to this. This is a high quality foosball table without the exorbitant price tag you would expect from a table with so many features.

This full size standard table is perfect for serious foosball players who not only intend to spend a lot of time playing foosball, but also want their foosball table to look good. Foosball enthusiasts will love the chrome detailing which features on the chrome edging of the body, the trim for the ball return, the ball dispenser holes, the round leg casters and the support beams on both sides of the sides of the table.

Foosball players of all levels will appreciate the ability to be able to play either one or three goalie configuration. Other features of the KICK Triumph include sturdy 5 inch leg levelers with rubber bottom, front ball return on each side, slide scoring mounted on each end, counter balanced men, chrome cup holders and semi-solid stainless steel chrome plated rods. With all these features, the KICK Triumph offers great value for money.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

The KICK Triumph stand alone table is perfect for both advanced and beginner Foosball players; however given the table height is not adjustable it is better suited to children over the age of 8.

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American Heritage Element Foosball Table Review

If you are after the best quality foosball table, then look no further than the American Heritage Element. As well as providing fantastic quality, this table is aesthetically pleasing and will look great in any family home.

This table has been handcrafted from engineered wood and has a maple veneer with a metal accent trim to match the sophisticated style of the table. The glossy black and silver players inside the cabinet are embellished with decorative metal trim giving a simple modern look, which will be sure to impress your friends.

As well as looking fantastic the American Heritage Element table has been designed to last. The manufactured wood and metal design with incorporated support beams gives it a much sturdier hold than less expensive foosball tables.

This full sized stand alone foosball table includes two ball returns, manual scorers, adjustable leg levelers and four balls.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

Whilst the American Heritage Element stand alone table is more expensive than others on the markets, it’s sophisticated look and solid craftsmanship is perfect for the advanced foosball enthusiast.

The entire family will love this table, both beginners and advanced players; however given the table height is not adjustable it would be better suited to children over the age of 8.

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EastPoint Sports Hunter Foosball Table Review

For the best value foosball table you can’t go past the EastPoint Sports Hunter.  This full sized stand alone table comes complete with all the standard foosball table features at a great price.

Despite being a budget foosball table, it looks fantastic. The wood cabinet and brushed bronze finish of the steel rods give the table a rich and classic look. The quality of this table is high, with the table being sturdy and having thick durable side rails.

Other features of this best buy foosball table include weighted and balanced players for greater ball and player control, solid steel player rods, ergonomic wooden handle design, bead style scoring, levelers for uneven surfaces and 2 foosballs. Some customers have expressed issue with the foosballs included, however this can be easily overcome by ordering a different set.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

Given the low price tag, the EastPoint Sports Hunter makes a great addition for any family considering a foosball table and is perfect for both beginners and advanced players.

However, as the table height is not adjustable it would be better suited to children over the age of 8.

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Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review

The Carrom Signature Foosball table is a high quality table, perfect for the entire family regardless of skill level.

Beginners and advanced players will love the ability to choose between one or three goalie set up. The more advanced player will appreciate the premium counter balanced players with cross-hatch toe design and the professional grade bearings which allow for accurate and smooth game perfect for performing complex moves and tricks.

This is a high quality full sized foosball table which features ⅝ inch thich chrome hollow steel bars, two inch chrome leg support, heavy miter-fold black vinyl legs and premium octagonal wooden handles.

Other features of the table include drink holders, ball entry cups on both sides, high impact ball returns on each end. With the tables triple chrome plated leg levers, it is suitable for a range of surfaces and being water resistant provides that extra protection, however this table is only suitable for indoor use.

Unlike the other tables mentioned, the Carrom Signature Foosball table comes in three different wood finishes including burr oak, moroccan and wild cherry.

For those that prefer to get straight into playing rather than spending hours assembling your foosball table, you will love the option to have your table arrive mostly pre-assembled. It is in fact highly recommend to choose this option as many consumers have expressed frustration with the assembly process claiming that the included instructions were vague, however there are online video tutorials available.

The Carrom Signature Foosball table is a great option for all kinds of players and will no doubt provide you with hours of enjoyment for years to come.

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Harvil 56-Inch Beachcomber Foosball Table Review

The Harvil 56-Inch Beachcomber is the best choice foosball table for those that are a looking for a stylish design without the hefty price tag.

This full sized table has a great modern look and feel as well as being great quality. Solidly constructed from quality engineered wood with thick solid legs (complete with leg levelers to ensure an even level playing field) and rust resistant solid steel foosball rods with comfortable octagonal rubber handles for a smooth play and maximum control.

The stylish wood grain finish and silver accents give the table a sleek look and will complement any other furniture you have in the home.

The playing field is screen printed with clean graphics and is covered in polyresin for added protection for wear and tear. Other features include pockets for easy ball retrieval, drink holders, two foosballs and silver scoring units.

This table also comes in a 54 inch model which may be better suited for those with less space.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate players, the Harvil 56-inch Beachcomber Foosball table would make the perfect addition to any games room.

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EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Review

The EastPoint Sports Preston is an official competition sized foosball table perfect for those with a small budget.

Despite being a low budget foosball table it comes with all the features you would expect such as steel player rods with rob style players, high performance player rod bushing pins allowing the rods to spin and slide with ease, bead style scoring, oversized leg levels to ensure level game play and two foosballs. The three goalie system is perfect for children or beginners.

Reading some of the best foosball table reviews it is clear that consumers love the EastPoint Sports Preston as a budget foosball table and report that the assembly is straightforward.

The EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball table is recommended for casual players, particularly for children starting out.  Long term serious players are likely to find issue with the quality of this budget foosball table.

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27 Inch Mini Foosball Table with Legs Review

Young children will love the Huang Guan Mini Foosball Table, a perfect alternative to a full size competition table for younger players. It is easy to assemble, lightweight and can be played in any small space of your home.

This mini foosball table has a sturdy MDF frame, six robust steel playing rods with slide bearings for smooth rotation and ball serve cups on both sides for convenience. The entire table weighs in at 10 pounds making it light enough to be transported with ease. The overall dimensions of the table are 27 inches long, 14 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall.

Each team is made up of three rows with three players per row. The table includes inbuilt ball serve cups, internal goal retrievals, plastic manual slide scorer and two foosballs.

Being on legs, means children can easily play with the mini foosball table on the floor or coffee table. Its small size means it can easily be stored away in the cupboard or under a bed when not in use.

The Huang Guan Mini would make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for children from years 7 and up.

Harvil 38-Inch Tabletop Foosball Table Review

With its modern and fresh look, the Harvil 38 inch tabletop foosball table is perfect for the young foosball player and a great choice if you are on the hunt for the best cheap foosball table.

The Harvil tabletop has a fresh modern look with the vibrant wear resistant screen printed graphics. It has a sturdy construction with a durable cabinet made with MDF and stable legs complete with non-marking pads, perfect for keeping furniture scratch free.

The silver steel rods have non slip rubber handles and are perfect for small hands. Young players will also appreciate the three goalie configuration. It also includes two manual slide scoring units, two durable goals and two black and white foosballs.

Weighing in at only 12.13 pounds and with overall dimensions of 19.75 inches in width, 38 inches in length and 8 inches high, the Harvil tabletop has a great compact design making it superb for both storage and transporting. Its small size makes it great for playing on the kitchen counter, coffee table or on the floor.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

Table football reviews for the Harvil 39 inch Tabletop Foosball Table indicate that consumers are pleased with their purchase with many consumers reporting that their kids absolutely love it!

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Giantex Foosball Table For Kids Soccer Review

The Giantex Foosball Table is the best foosball table for kids who want a larger sized table as well as being a great option for adults who want the best affordable foosball table.

The table is not quite a full sized foosball table with dimensions of 47.6 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 30.7 inches in height.

The table is made from MDF and features cross bar support for additional strength and strong chromium coated hollow steel rods with slide bearings for smooth rotation.  However some consumers have reported the table is a little on the light side.

The Giantex Foosball table includes cup holders (which can be folded away when not in use), scoring device and ball serve cups on both sides for convenience. Unfortunately foosballs are not includes, however these can easily be purchased online.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

Whilst not a pro level foosball table, the Giantex table is well suited to both children and adults and perfect for those looking for a great affordable foosball table.

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American Legend Charger 52″ Foosball Table Review

Another great choice for families and beginners looking for a budget foosball table is the American Legend Charger 52”.

The American Legend Charger looks fantastic with its traditional light oak finish and would look great in any family home.

With its low price tag, this table offers good value for money. The table is made from 3/16 inch MDF designed to resist warping. It also has 3.75 inch post laminated square legs, a cross bar support for extra stability and half inch hollow rods with a chrome finish perfect for fast turning. The table does not feature leg levelers; however this isn’t an issue provided the table is placed on a flat surface.

The table dimensions are 52” x 20” x 28 “ and weighs in at a sturdy 100 pounds. The table also features an internal ball run and abacus style scoring.

This table does require assembling and is only suitable for indoor use.

This table is perfect for children and beginners and will bring hours of enjoyment. However according to premier soccer foosball table reviews, serious foosball players would be better suited to purchase a more premium foosball table.

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What is your pick for the top foosball table?

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