Recently we had a friend ask us the best way to keep their kids active. Living in the inner city suburbs without a huge yard means it can be difficult for them to get rid of their energy, so unfortunately a lot of that time is spent watching TV.

With a large spare room, we recommended an air hockey table, and it appears to be the perfect solution. The kids spend more time on their feet and less time on their backsides.

We learnt a lot about finding the a top rated air hockey table the first time we purchased one, and we wanted to share our knowledge to help you.

Below is our guide to finding a top air hockey table from the best air hockey table reviews.

Compare the Top 10 Air Hockey Tables

Name Image Type Size Our Rating (/5) Price

Home Pro Elite

  Free standing 7 foot 4.5 See It

Sport Squad HX40

  Table Top 40 inche 4.0 See It

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch

  Table Top 40 inch 4.0 See It

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot

  Free Standing 7.5 foot 3.0 See It

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel

 Multigame 84 inch 3.5 See It

Atomic Blazer 7'

  Free Standing 7 foot 3.5 See It

Harvil 4 Foot

  Free Standing 4 foot 4.0 See It

Triumph Lumen-X

  Free Standing 6 foot 3.5 See It

American Heritage

  Free Standing 4.0 87 inch See It

ESPN 60"

  Free Standing 60 inch 3.5 See It


How to find the Best Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table is a large rectangle table which has a smooth surface perforated by thousands of miniature air holes.  Underneath the table is a fan which blows upwards into the table, forcing jets of air through the surface holes.

Players stand at either end of the table with strikers (often called a goalie, paddle or mallet).  A striker is a simple handle attached to a flat surface that lies flush with the table.  The players use the strikers to strike a small flat disc, known as a puck, with the aim of getting the puck to go into the opponent’s goal.

The jets of air coming through the surface holes create an air cushion underneath the puck, which allows the puck to float across the playing surface at extremely high speeds.

A cheap air hockey table may well not have the fan which creates the air cushion and instead just have a slick table surface.  The other cheap option is to have pucks that use a battery and fan to generate its own air cushion.  Technically these are not air hockey tables as no air is involved.

If you are going to purchase a cheaper table, be sure to check the air hockey table reviews (see below) to ensure you still purchase a table of decent quality.

Types of Air Hockey Tables


A table top hockey table is a portable version of a free standing air hockey table. These tables are perfect for young children, as they don’t take up much space and can easily be stored away when not in use.

Table top hockey tables usually have reinforced rubber feet so they can stand on any tabletop or floor surface.

Free standing

The top rated air hockey tables are free standing tables.  A full size table is 8 feet long, has a powerful blower and is solidly constructed for longevity.

Tables do vary in size though, so when purchasing a free standing air hockey table best for you, you should double check the space where you plan to keep the table to ensure there is plenty of room around the table for play.

Size of the table

The size of the table, is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a table. You will need to consider the people who will use the table and their skill level as well as the available space in your home for the table.

A full sized air hockey table is 8 foot long. However most intermediate adult players would be content with any table over six to seven foot long.

For children or teenagers, a small air hockey table may be suitable. The best small air hockey table is around three to four foot long. Table top tables start at around 2 feet long.

Surface material

The best rated air hockey table will have a powerful blower to maintain fast movement of the puck and a smooth flow of the game.

Cheaper tables opt for a slick surface rather than an air cushion or some simply fail to create enough air for the puck to float smoothly.

The top air hockey tables have well designed holes and powerful blowers with a rating above 110V which is perfect for smooth and reliable performance.

Top 10 Air Hockey Table Reviews

Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table Review

Designed by Air Hockey champion Mark Robbins, the Home Pro Elite is the best home air hockey table currently on the market for the price. So impressive is this table that it is even endorsed by champions Danny Hynes and Tim Weissman.

This competition size top rated air hockey table has all the bells and whistles including automatic scoring with sound options.

Solidly constructed to handle daily tournament style play, this table has solid core polymer legs including leg levelers to ensure even play on a range of surfaces.  The high quality aluminum rails offer superior bounce, whilst the play-field features a special wear and water resistant laminate top to ensure years of durability.

A commercial grade blower often found in high end arcade style tables is included which ensures smooth and fast paced games as does the included full size puck.

This is a high end expensive table and one of the best air hockey tables on the market. The Home Pro Elite is recommended for players looking for a high end professional style table which provides the finest game experience and competition level performance. The Home Pro Elite is perfect for beginners right through to advanced players.

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Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table Review

The best tabletop air hockey table for kids currently on the market is the Sports Squad HX40. This little tabletop has all the top features to keep little players entertained for hours.

This model is quick to assemble and made from high quality wood for long term durability. The included non marking rubber padded feet means you can have peace of mind when placing it on a range of surfaces as it won’t scratch your furniture.

This is a small table at 40 inches in length, perfect for young children players as well being completely transportable and easy to store away when not in use.

The electric powered top allows for a smooth game and the goal boxes easily return the puck for a fast pace game. The sturdy table top is perfect for fast action competition pace and the kids will love keeping score of who is winning with the manual scorer located above the goal boxes.

Everything you need is included in the package, including two pucks, two strikers and an AC adaptor.

Whilst this table is best suited to young children, parents will no doubt have a ball joining in as well.  According to the Sport Squad tabletop air hockey reviews, it is well suited to children up to and around the age of 10.

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Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Review

The Playcraft Sport tabletop air hockey table is another good option for a table top.  It is a great entry level game table with a powerful blower and a sturdy table for hours of play and longevity. This is a great game table if you are looking for the best tabletop air hockey on a budget table, which is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.

This is a small table at 40 inches in length, perfect for young children players as well being completely transportable and easy to store away when not in use.

The table is constructed with a sturdy MDF frame, as opposed to plastic you often see in these table top air hockey models. The legs unfortunately don’t have rubber feet though, so it is recommended that you place a blanket or towel down first to prevent scratching if using on top of other furniture. The kids can play with the Playcraft Sport air hockey table on the floor as well.

The motor included provides good airflow. Whilst it is not high quality it perfectly meets the needs of young players.

Everything you need is included in the package, including two pucks, two paddles and an AC adaptor.

With its inexpensive price tag the Playcraft Sport is perfect for young children who may play occasionally or are in the process of developing their skill level.

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Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table Review

The Viper Vancouver 7.5 foot air hockey table is another popular mid range arcade style table.

Despite its mid range price point, this is a well built stable table using multiple layers of wood for reinforcement. The table comes complete with 5 inch metallic silver leg levellers making it perfect for even play on a range of surfaces.

The air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute provides steady and powerful air to keep the pucks flowing quickly across the table with ease. The playfield is a smooth laminate white with graphics designed to look like an ice hockey rink.

Players will love the large LED electronic scorer. Being multi directional, players can easily see the score regardless of their position. It also comes with a timer, which can count down from unlimited minute time options.

There have been mixed reviews with regards to the durability of this table with some consumers questioning its durability after several months of play, whilst others still rave about it after using it for over a year.

This table comes with dual end puck return, four strikers and four pucks.

This is table is suitable for adults and older children, perfect for families after a full size mid range air hockey table.

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Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table Review

If you are after not only the best hockey table under $1000 but also one that converts into other game tables, then the Triumph 3-in-1 is highly recommended.

Your family and friends will never be bored as this table allows you to play three awesome games, including air hockey, billiards and table tennis. The table rotates changing the game from one to another in a matter of seconds.

The air hockey table includes a glossy PVC laminate play-field with a 110V blower and 2 red strikers and two red pucks.

The billiard table is made with high density green nylon blend and includes two 57 inch billiard cues, a full set of billiard balls, a triangle, two chalks and a brush.

The table tennis comes with a net and post set as well as two table tennis balls and two table tennis paddles.

Consumers have mixed views as to the functionality of this table. For every Triumph air hockey table review singing its praises, there appears to be one raising concerns. Unfortunately with a multiple game table, it is difficult to have the best features for every game.

The Triumph 3-in-1 is perfect for families who don’t want to be locked into one game table, but rather have the option to play various games on a single table. More serious air hockey players are better off purchasing a table which functions just as an air hockey table.

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Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table Review

The Atomic Blazer 7 foot air hockey table is perfect for those searching for the best price air hockey table with all the advance performance features.

Whilst not a full size air hockey table, at seven feet long it is close to it, so you will need to be sure that you have efficient space not only for the table but for adequate movement of the players. The table is rather heavy at 155 pounds and will require two people to move it. However on the up side the heavy weight makes the table incredibly stable and sturdy.

This is a well constructed table with 4.5 inch MDF aprons and 6 inch wide pedestal style legs with 5 inch wide leg levelers which ensures even play on various surfaces. The play-field is made from ¾ thick PVC laminate and has an increased overhang to reduce the puck from flying off. A 120V heavy duty air blower for high speed play is also included.

The flip up electronic scoreboard which is integrated into the rail not only looks great but is perfect for keeping score and a great feature for a budget air hockey table.

This table comes with four black strikers and four 3 inch black pucks.

The Atomic Blazer is highly recommended for players of all skill levels who are wanting a free standing table with all the features of an arcade table – without the hefty price tag.

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Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table for Kids and Adults Review

Family and friends will love playing air hockey tournaments with the Harvil 4 foot air hockey game. In our view this is the best air hockey table under $500 currently on the market.

Harvil have listened to their customers and updated this table to make it the best air hockey table for kids. Upgraded features include a more stable electronic scorer for uninterrupted and fast pace play, wider goals for easy puck retrieval without concern for hurting your hands and a faster fan speed for even faster play.

Whilst not a full size table, this 4 foot table features everything you need. Its compact design means it will fit easily into most homes and its light weight of 28 pounds means it can easily be moved between rooms as required.

This table has a great smooth surface and vibrant graphics. Other features of the Harvil air hockey table include L shaped legs with adjustable levelers making it perfect for a variety of surfaces and a powerful 100V electric blower for steady and even airflow.

The Harvil air hockey table comes with two orange 75mm strikers and two 600mm orange pucks and assembly is straight forward.

This air hockey table is perfect for children or beginner players and perfect for friendly tournaments amongst family and friends.

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Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table Review

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer is the best 6 foot air hockey table for players who like to play arcade style air hockey and is perfect for tournaments between family and friends of all ages and skill levels.

The LED lighting is sure to be a winner for night time play with built in LED lighting around the table as well as in game music (there is the ability to turn this function off). To add to the excitement of playing in the dark are two ultra bright strikers (which are charged via USB) and a light puck which looks super cool zipping around the play-field in the dark. Electronic scoring is also included for uninterrupted and fast game play.

Like all of the best air hockey table brands, this is a durable table which is supported by 12mm thick legs with four 2.5 inch leg levelers to ensure level play on a range of surfaces. The play-field is made from MDF with white and blue silkscreen play-field lines and dual motor blowers provide continuous air flow for fast game play.

The Triumph Lumen-X air hockey table is perfect for any family home, office or recreation room and will offer hours of entertainment during the day and double the fun at night. Players of all ages and skill level will just love this table.

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American Heritage Air Hockey Table Review

From the American Heritage air hockey table reviews we can gather that this is the best buy air hockey table by this brand.

The table itself is pretty simple. It is made from a combination of laminate and MDF which gives it it’s strength. There is a manual scoring system to help you keep track of the game and a classic design which turns it into an accessory in any room.

Included with the table are 4 full sized pucks and a screen printed starburst design.

The tables main disadvantage is it’s lack of automatic scoring makes it more laborious to use. It is also extremely heavy, weighing over 200 pounds.

However with the right surface this makes a fabulous air hockey table.

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ESPN 60″ Air Hockey Table Review

If you are after a cheap air hockey table, as opposed to a tabletop, then consider the ESPN 60.

This cheap hockey table will look fantastic in any kid’s game room. The table has a great design with the striking black and red detail and the large ESPN logo.

The table won’t take up too much room at 60 inches in length and is easily moved at a weight of 50 pounds. It has nice sturdy legs as well as leg levellers for even play on a range of surfaces.

The playing surface is a simple design and provides a smooth surface for play with the 110V air blower providing reasonable air flow. The kids will just love the auto LED electronic scoring system, which is located on an overhead piece that runs through the centre of the playing field. There is a manual score system as well.

The ESPN 60 inch air hockey table comes with two black strikers and two red pucks and assembly is quick and simple.

Whilst not the highest quality; for what you pay for the ESPN is a good option for those looking for a budget air hockey table for the kids, rather than a high quality competition table.

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Will you be adding an air hockey table to your games room?

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